Artist and Muse

Artist and Muse


A work devoted to the idea of loss.

A performance work performed for the camera and filmed on 16mm b&w film stock, there is no sound track. 

Masi’s intention in this work is to explore the idea of loss, particularly visual art historical loss: the loss of a traditional mode of inspiration. 

The use of the female figure and idea of the female over thousands of years has been a support, often essential, for the production of what we now consider art.  This traditional mode has been marginalized by a shift in some areas of contemporary fine art practice. In this performative work Masi follows a choreographed sequence of movements using entrances, exits and props to picture the cancellation of a tradition.

Exhibition provenance

The Big Screen at Latitude Festival, Suffolk, UK, July 2012
Lo&Behold Gallery, London, UK, September 2012
University of Northampton, Northampton, UK, January 2013
Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK, April, 2013
Estela de Luz/The Center for Digital Art, Mexico City, Mexico, May 2013