Parasite Structures

Parasite Structures

12 x 10 x 4.62 m

Suggested minimum stage size for this experimental theatre piece

This was a collaboration work with the Rational Theatre/Hidden Grin Theatre Company

A presentation in three parts, written and devised by the company: Margo Gunn, Matthew Hamilton, Brian Lipson, Kate McKenzie, Akiko Ono, Sarah Sankey
Direction: Andy Wilson
Design: Denis Masi
Costumes: Denis Masi & Suzie Giblin
Music: Alan Brown
Lighting: Ian Gugan
Choreography: Matthew Hamilton
Choral Writer: Jenny Marr
Administration: Philip Wood
Production Manager: Ian Gugan
Audio Visual Display: Ian Gugan
Production Photography: Peter Mackertich
Films: Tony Moon, Andy Wilson, Jamie Muir
Slides: Ian Gugan, Denis Masi, Tony Moon, Peter Mackertich
Thanks to: Johnny Mac, Chris Lurca, Matthew Hones, Ian Humphrey and Beth Hardisty

  • one hardwood, mirror-topped table
  • one three-metre chromed parallel bar
  • one complete set of Weider barbell and dumbbell systems
  • one large white dance floor covering
  • one strobe light
  • large three-walled cyclorama in white
  • six black timber chairs
  • six first part straight costumes
  • six third part straight costumes
  • two third part dance costumes
  • seven second part gymnasium/work-out costumes
  • eight slide projectors on a computerised program
  • eight white motorised 5.0m x 3.5m screens
  • eight microphones
  • one television monitor
  • one and a half hour slide program and soundtrack
  • three short 16mm films

The theatrical performance was based around and out of the visual and conceptual ideas of Denis Masi’s work, extending and developing those ideas into music, sound, words, dance, film and slide show.

Exhibition provenance

ICA, London, 1984
Tour to theatres in: Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham 1984; Cardiff 1985