1980 – 1987
1200 x 685 x 300 cm

A large walk in installation with its own light and sound systems

  • thirty four metres of hurricane fencing
  • thirty four metres of chromed barbed wire
  • twenty two rectangular metal containers
  • twenty gallons of tar
  • one large bag of game feathers
  • four exterior halogen night spotlights
  • four three metre metal support poles for the spotlights
  • four mission loudspeakers
  • one bale of straw
  • two prefabricated timber and board barriers 3 x 3 x 2 m
  • one black tarpaulin floor covering 10 x 7 m
  • one cassette deck
  • one compatible amplifier
  • one tape loop
  • one stylised wood chair
  • one piece of black cloth

Exhibition provenance

Serpentine Gallery, London, 1988 – installation in the West Gallery

This work was commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery for the one person exhibition Denis Masi: Monuments To Collapse