1976 – 1978
425 x 250 x 240 cm

A large freestanding sculpture / construction with its own light, projection and sound systems

  • one dog
  • two profile spotlights with yellow and blue filters
  • two slide projectors each with 80 slides on an auto-change, one from point of view of the dog the other from the point of view of facing the table and the human understood
  • two 183 x 122 x 0.8 cm sheets of glass to serve as a screen for the slides these are to form a wall between the dog and the table
  • chair in front of table
  • false floor
  • table display unit with various objects and devices
  • tape loop of dog sounds:
    1 – threat, high intensity, no uncertainty
    2 – anxiety
    3 – uncertainty with suspicion
  • atmosphere in immediate area of the sculpture / construction invested with an unrecognisable odour

Exhibition provenance

ICA, Main Gallery, London, 1979

Supporting materials