1979 – 1984
10.22 x 5.44 x 3.31 m – suggested room size

A part freestanding and part wall-mounted work with its own light and sound systems

  • one painted plaster cast floor sculpture with image of a skeleton and various devices                 
  • one shed type structure fabricated with mild-steel stove-enamelled, glass and cooper sheet
  • one black tarpaulin floor covering
  • three pencil spot lights with blue and green gels
  • four lengths of silver mirror
  • various objects in terra cotta, porcelain, bronze, chrome and bone
  • one amp and tape deck system with two speakers
  • one tape loop of a contrived statement
  • ten wall mounted drawings on paper 163 x 153 cm with pencil, charcoal, metal paint, oil stick and tape

Exhibition provenance

• Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 1984
• Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, 1985