1977 – 1980
245 x 245 x 215 cm

A freestanding sculpture / construction with its own light and sound systems

  • two Rhesus Monkeys
  • one table display unit
  • six strip lights with blue and green coloured gel
  • forty 245 x 6 cm lengths of mirrored 4mm plastic strips
  • two sheets of glass forming a double barrier
  • two sheets of grey silver float mirror
  • one black floor tarpaulin
  • one L-shaped African walnut timber screen
  • various invented objects: terra cotta, chrome, copper, porcelain etc
  • carborundum powder
  • two profile spotlights with green and blue filters
  • one tape deck and amp
  • two wall mounted loudspeakers
  • one tape loop with four sounds and two whispers
  • atmosphere in the immediate area of the sculpture/construction invested with the odour of gas

Exhibition provenance

Angela Flowers Gallery, London, 1981
Spacex Gallery, Exeter, 1981
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, 1982
South Hill Park Art Centre, Bracknell, 1983
Imperial War Museum, London, 1984
Joanneum Ecksaal, Landstadmuseum, Graz, Austria, 1987
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1987