1978 – 1980
485 x 360 x 215 cm

A large freestanding construction / sculpture with its own light and sound systems

  • eleven rats
  • one large overhead defused light
  • large table with one way mirror barrier
  • fourteen obscure objects and devices arranged on two ceramic slabs
  • one sheet of grey silver float mirror
  • three ceramic slabs with rat foot prints
  • one tarpaulin sixteen by twelve foot square
  • three chairs
  • two lead dishes, one with obscure objects the other with crushed glass
  • one metal barrier surround sixteen by twelve feet square
  • one length of black felt cloth
  • tape loop of two sounds one a high the other a low frequency
  • atmosphere in immediate area of construction invested with odour of synthetic material

Exhibition provenance

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 1979
Spectro Arts Workshop, Gallery 1, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1980
Spacex Gallery, Exeter, 1981
ICA, Upper Galleries, London, 1984