1978 – 1979
425 x 425 x 185 cm

A large freestanding sculpture / construction with its own light, sound and smell systems

  • two dogs
  • two profile spot lights with red and orange filters
  • two loudspeakers
  • twenty 362cm lengths of rough timber
  • one tarpaulin fourteen foot square
  • one sack of dry course sand
  • one sheet of mirror
  • one tape deck
  • nine meters of coiled chrome plated barbed wire
  • one felt and stringed package
  • tape loop of slow growling dog triggered by a photo-electric cell
  • two timber box / columns to house the tape deck and photo-electric cell mechanism
  • atmosphere in immediate area of the sculpture / construction invested with offensive odour

Exhibition provenance

ICA, Main Gallery, London, 1979
Spectro Arts Workshop, Gallery 1, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1980